Our Approach

We often tell people that by starting at a different place: we end at a different place; a place that matters to you.

Our clients generally come to us with a variety of goals, fears, holdings and previous advice, yet very few have a written financial plan that pulls it all together. And why try to pull it together if it isn’t driven from a person’s real values?

That’s where we start. In fact, that’s also where we end up. Everything we do, at each part of the process and often for years after, we back-test everything against your values. Through warm, friendly discussion, we together determine the things that really matter to you, your concerns, your goals, your treasures. Finally, once we have statements of where you are today, we go to work on your behalf, designing a road map to lead from present to future with confidence.

Our work is written in customized reports that are tailor made for you. We review the reports together and answer any questions that arise. Often, we end up re-writing parts of the report based on further feedback from you. Finally, a checklist is presented with priorities noted to enable sure implementation of the desired results.

But our job doesn’t end there. With scheduled follow-up meetings, by phone and in person, we keep the plan current to keep you on your path.


Cash Flow

Understanding the inflow and outflow of cash is an integral part of financial planning.  In our busy lives, it is difficult to take the time or find the motivation to wade through the numbers and organize them into manageable categories to facilitate decision making.  However, this discipline can save you money and provide the clarity needed to implement a holistic financial plan with confidence.  No matter what your income level may be, we are all playing the game of money, whether we want to or not.  The question is: are you winning?

We understand the value of having an in-depth assessment of your cash flow situation as part of its financial planning philosophy. We also understand the value of having a coach walk you through this process. Therefore, we offer our clients a customized cash flow analysis as part of our unique discovery process. Our cash flow specialist, Carolyn Landine, is passionate about helping people get a new perspective on their relationship with money and gain confidence in handling their cash flow.

Every situation is unique; however, past assessments have provided clients with new insight in areas such as how to:

  • streamline monthly financial tasks;
  • stabilize cash flow;
  • manage debt more effectively;
  • make spending decisions based on a spending plan;
  • identify spending obstacles;
  • develop strategies to overcome hard-to-break money habits;
  • eliminate credit card debt

Many of our clients request this service and it is so effective, we make sure all our clients know they have the right to access it as part of the added value we bring to them.

Carolyn’s area of interest and expertise concerning personal finance is rooted in what she has been doing for 20 years planning, organizing, and creating customized systems to manage personal and corporate finances. Her skill is taking a mess of numbers and creating a clear picture that helps clients make spending decisions by prioritizing and establishing parameters.