Washburn Financial

What sets us apart in our practice?  Only by starting at a different place can we expect to end at a different place.  If we start with you, and your values and goals, what we end up with will only follow. Our clients generally come to us with a variety of goals, fears, holdings and previous advice, yet very few have a written financial plan that pulls it all together. And why try to pull it together if it isn’t driven from a person’s real values? That’s where we start. In fact, that’s also where we end up. Everything we do, at each part of the process and often for years after, we back-test against your values. Through warm, friendly discussion, we together determine the things that really matter to you. Once we have a good idea of where you are today, we go to work on your behalf, designing a road map to lead from present to future with confidence. Our work is written in customized reports that are tailor-made for you. We review the reports together and answer any questions that arise. Often, we end up re-writing parts of the report based on further feedback from you. Finally, a checklist is presented with priorities noted to enable sure implementation of the desired results. But our job doesn’t end there. With scheduled follow-up meetings, by phone and in person, we keep the plan current to keep you on your path.